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"An interactive resume is an electronic document that includes interactive elements"
~ Anthony Caruana.

Personal branding matters to your life and your business more than you think. It is the most effective way to build your trust and credibility, without which nothing could be achieved. A solid personal brand enhances your chance of employment and opens up new career opportunities for a professional. For an owner of a small business or a CEO of a large organization, your personal image affects your bottom line. It is as simple as that.

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Key Features

You can be confident using id4pro as your trusted tech partner to fulfill all your branding solution needs. id4pro is a highly effective way to connect with Students, Professionals and Influencers

Personal Branding

Build your personal website with beautiful design layouts using a unique URL. Share your talents, skills and abilities with the world.

Interactive Resume

You can have different versions of your resumes ready at all times, and even lock them with a password.

Skills Highlights

Boost your professional goals by blogging and sharing your knowledge and experience.

Display Other Social Media

Bring all of your social media accounts into one place to conveniently read, post and stay in tune with all of your followers.

Monetization Ready

Our Plug & Play solution allows you to bill your customers without restrictions. No coding skills required.

Appointment Scheduling

Save time and effectively manage your calendar for greater productivity and better organization. 

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