Influencers are increasingly becoming influential in digital marketing. To become an influencer, you have to start with personal branding. Without a solid personal brand, your influence on your followers would be rather limited.

As an influencer or a public figure in this digital age, it is very natural that you need a well-designed and developed digital presence. There are a few things essential to the growth of influencers' sphere of influence and their business performance, such as the power of your website, the size and quality of your community, your long-term brand value, and your community-focused marketplace. Id4Pro is your ideal solution for the following reasons
Create your database-driven full-scale website and app

id4Pro gives you all you need to set up your database-driven website and app with no IT skills required. It can be customized to serve your specific needs and purpose with a custom domain and a unique ID. Your website is entirely dynamic and interactive, with enhanced capabilities in creating multi-media content and web applications. Your website is also your social media platform that allows you to integrate all of your social media accounts and online activities in one place. Everything about your online life will be managed and controlled at your fingertips.

Convert your followers to your community

id4Pro is uniquely designed to facilitate the development of your community with specific tools of marketing, follower communication, and engagement. Id4Mart helps you engage with your community members constantly with our built-in features like customer review, blogging, and information sharing, providing an incredible user experience. Our real-time communication solution allows you to communicate with your followers instantly and respond speedily. With our advanced features, you or your assistant can monitor and modify the content posted to ensure the health of your community. In this way, your followers are more likely to be converted to your self-managed global digital community.

Built your trusted impactful brand and your global community

Our technology transforms your brand-building process into a complete digital experience. Built upon Web3.0, blockchain, and AI, id4Pro helps establish your unique digital identity, increase your visibility and credibility through interactions at all the audience touchpoints, including your website, online search results, social media networks, and review sites. Our multi-factor authentication procedure enables you to establish a trust-based community by allowing only digitally verified members. Meanwhile, our solution enables you to identify and create categories of your community members by creating membership access
Launch your e-commerce platform, crowdsourcing products/services from your community

Our advanced e-commerce solution offers a total white-label solution for your community-focused marketplace, where your community members can open their free storefronts. Our mobile commerce and social commerce tools enable you to manage your online business anytime and anywhere, providing a superior user experience. Our solution allows unlimited product varieties and flexible modes of offering, such as subscription selling or one-time selling. Your marketplace is community-focused but is connected to a global marketplace at the same time.