What is an interactive resume?

An interactive resume is an electronic document that includes interactive elements, according to Anthony Caruana.

Statistics show an interactive resume on your personal website helps shape your professional image and increase your chance of landing a job. id4pro is probably the only platform that provides an integrated solution to build a customized personal website with an interactive resume.

As you may shift your career goals over time and sometimes different jobs require different skill sets, you may need to tailor-make your resume to suit the specific needs of a particular job opportunity. That is when you need multiple versions of your resume. id4pro allows you to make your multiple resumes available easily.

As a distinctive feature of id4pro, our interactive resume feature makes you stand out from the competition during the recruitment process, increasing your chance of getting the job. It allows you to get your resume in front of numerous employers with a click of a mouse, saving time for hiring managers. With eye-catching designs, clickable buttons, hyperlinks, separate sections, mouse hover actions, and the possibility of placing it with a cover letter, you easily attract the attention of HR professionals. An interactive resume also allows a QR code on your well-written resume so that you can provide pictures of completed projects or images or other accomplishments. This will impress recruiters looking to hire for technical, creative, and marketing positions. Furthermore, an interactive resume is easy to be read by the Applicant Tracking System (ATS), which helps job seekers get ahead of the game.