Where Your Personal Advancement Begins

Personal branding matters to your life and your business more than you think. It is the most effective way to build your trust and credibility, without which nothing could possibly be achieved. To a professional, a strong personal brand enhances your chance of employment and opens up new career opportunities. For an owner of a small business or a CEO of a large organization, your personal image affects your bottom line. It is as simple as that.

Build Your Personal Website

Everyone must have one personal website if you want to build up your personal brand. Your personal website is your hub on the Internet. Your own URL is the ultimate source of all the information about your online life. It sets you apart and let you take control of your digital profile.
id4Pro gives you all you need to set your personal website up and running with no technical skills required. It can be customized to serve your specific needs and purpose with your custom domain and unique ID. Powered by our advanced technology, your website is completely dynamic and interactive with enhanced capabilities in creating multi-media contents and web applications. It is social media compatible, allowing you to integrate all of your social media accounts and online activities in one place. All this can be done through our desktop application and a mobile app at your fingertips. Get Started

Create Your Interactive Resume

As a distinctive feature of id4Pro, our interactive resume feature makes you stand out from the competition during the recruitment process, increasing your chance of getting the job. It allows you to get your resume in front of numerous employers with a click of a mouse, saving time for hiring managers. With eye-catching designs, clickable buttons, hyperlinks, separate sections, mouse hover actions, and the possibility of placing it with a cover-letter, you easily attract the attention of HR professionals. Interactive resume also allows a QR code on your well-written resume so that you can provide pictures of completed projects or images or other accomplishments. This will impress recruiters looking to hire for technical, creative and marketing positions. And furthermore, interactive resume is easy to be read by Applicant Tracking System (ATS), which helps job seekers get ahead of the game. Get Started

Managing Your Personal Diary Effortlessly

Our built-in appointment scheduling solution allows you to effectively manage your diary to save time and free yourself from stress. With id4Pro, you always stay on top of your schedules anywhere, anytime and effortlessly. Get Started

Our Technology Enables Digital Branding

Identity, visibility and credibility are the three determining components of your personal brand. Our technology transforms your brand building process into a complete digital experience. Built upon Web3.0, blockchain and AI, id4Pro helps establish your unique digital identity through content marketing and social media activities. It increases your visibility through all the audience touchpoints including your website, online search results, social media networks, and review sites. Our solution also facilitates your collection of feedback from your audience and your social engagement with them to protect and build your credibility by digital means. Get Started